A home wrapped in nature’s colors

When driving around the Olde Towne addition the garden at 1532 Station St. will certainly make you pause to admire its color and structure. Mike and Kim Toney have created the final winner of this season’s Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week.

On Clayton Pond is ‘place of quiet, serenity’

There is nothing like the ultimate compliment of being nominated by your neighbor for Edmond Yard of the Week. We wish to extend our thanks to the Alfred and Ellen Rae Hulsey for submitting their neighbors, David and Jeanie Gallman, for recognition. As Henry Fonda would say in the movie “On Golden Pond,” it is a place of quiet and serenity. Their meticulously manicured lawn and landscape is located at 4104 Ainsely Court in the Clayton Pond addition.

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