Redbud Capital of Oklahoma

In 2011, Edmond Beautiful became involved in a strategic plan designed to enhance the beauty of our city and to increase awareness of those efforts. The group set out on a mission to get Edmond designated as Oklahoma’s capital for redbud trees and their efforts were successful!

Edmond is known for preserving the remnant cross timbers forest of oak trees, which also contains indigenous redbuds and the outstanding landscaping of our neighborhoods are also graced by the redbud trees. Local businesses and residents embraced the effort and tree-lined medians have been expanded by the city on major thoroughfares. The redbud is the official tree of the state of Oklahoma and for the last three years Edmond Beautiful has added over 1,300 redbud trees to the city’s landscape.

Look for Edmond Beautiful at local events and festivals as they continue the efforts by providing more redbud trees to Edmond residents.