Yard of the Week

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Edmond Beautiful, Inc., the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, Home Depot in Edmond and TLC Garden Centers co-sponsor the “Yard of the Week” contest to encourage residents who enjoy “yardening,” a term coined by Jeff and Liz Ball in their book, Yardening, (1991), to make their landscaping more attractive and to recognize some of those who do. Residents may nominate their own yards or those of others who live within the Edmond city limits, not the Edmond School District which is different. A yard can win only once each year, but nominated yards remain in consideration all summer.

Each week, members of Edmond Beautiful, Inc., judge nominated yards on the basis of landscape design, overall appearance, use of color and effort required. Only yards visible from city streets are eligible. Equal consideration is given to all nominated yards, whether professionally landscaped and maintained, rural estate or attractively designed and well-kept small yards in more mature neighborhoods.

A “Yard of the Week” sign is placed in the winning yard and a photograph of the award recipient and prize-winning yard is featured in the The Edmond Sun. Also, winners receive $50 worth of store merchandise from Edmond Home Depot, a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun for one year.

So keep a sharp lookout for the most beautiful and well-kept yards. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and call the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 or click here to contact us by email to nominate a deserving yard. Each nomination should include street address, housing addition and nominated resident's name and telephone number if known. Let's give recognition to those that truly make Edmond Beautiful.

Let's all make this program a big success and recognize those residents that help make Edmond Beautiful.

A home wrapped in nature’s colors

When driving around the Olde Towne addition the garden at 1532 Station St. will certainly make you pause to admire its color and structure. Mike and Kim Toney have created the final winner of this season’s Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week.

On Clayton Pond is ‘place of quiet, serenity’

There is nothing like the ultimate compliment of being nominated by your neighbor for Edmond Yard of the Week. We wish to extend our thanks to the Alfred and Ellen Rae Hulsey for submitting their neighbors, David and Jeanie Gallman, for recognition. As Henry Fonda would say in the movie “On Golden Pond,” it is a place of quiet and serenity. Their meticulously manicured lawn and landscape is located at 4104 Ainsely Court in the Clayton Pond addition.

Self-taught gardener’s showstopper

The Yard of the Week number 12 is a beautiful gem located in the well-established neighborhood of Copperfield. The address is 1200 Charlton Road and the property is owned by Jackie Welch. She is a self-taught gardener greatly influenced by her grandmother, and she is also a member of the Hosta Society.

Jackie has always loved gardening even as a small child. She began her gardening self-education in Mustang. A Koi pond as well as a vegetable garden and flower garden were her first endeavors. Her highly developed gardening skills have transferred well to our Edmond conditions.

A gardener’s love of nature provides winner in Arbor Creek

Even though the custom built Craftsman styled home of Jay and Judy Smith was built in 2011 at 609 Falling Sky Drive in Arbor Creek, it has the aura of many years of family history. There are heirloom plants and comfortable sitting nooks under the wrap around porches. Even the iron chairs on them add to that feeling.

Westborough’s winning yard a refreshing sight in the heat

When temperatures reach 100 and rain is just a distant memory it is a real challenge to keep our yards alive and attractive. Reenie Byrd has not only answered the challenge but has also created a treat for the eye with this week’s winning Yard of the Week at 1721 St. Christopher Dr. in the Westborough Addition.

Woodland Garden wrapped in yearlong color

The Edmond Yard of the Week winner this week is a beautiful home located on a large corner lot in The Estates II at Coffee Creek. Mike and Renee Johnson’s home is at 332 Shortgrass Road. They have owned the home for 18 years and each year the landscape matures. 

Renee is a retired Edmond School teacher and her husband, Mike has a horticulture degree from Texas A & M.   Renee is a Master Gardener from the Oklahoma County Extension Center. She handles the flower beds and Mike handles the expansive lawn. For both it is a labor of love.

Beauty on Boulevard awarded Yard of Week

When driving north from 15th along Boulevard please slow down. If you don’t, you’ll miss the chance to treat your eyes and soul to a refreshing break from Edmond’s summer heat at 1904 S. Boulevard.

This week’s Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week winning garden belongs to Bob and April Pratt. Jokingly they have named their home “Rose Cottage” but it is a perfect fit for the single story house almost hidden by a garden overflowing with many varieties of plants and the entrance framed by a trellis supporting an old fashioned white rose and a golden Lady Banksiae.

Planning well makes a winning Garden

No matter what size a front yard is, planning and research about plants is important if you want it to be eye-catching and the perfect setting for your home. This week’s winner for Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week can be found in the Springhill addition at 3909 Spring Hill Drive. Don and Lynda Washington came from out of state to settle there in 1992 with just a flowerbed by the front door. They have compiled folders of plant information that helped them to create a beautiful environment.

Franks awarded Yard of Week

Gardening in Edmond is certainly a challenge. Do we aim for color in a tree-less front yard while spending our children’s inheritance on water and soil amendment? Or do we work with native trees and search for plant species that still give us variety and interest in the shade?

Evans’ home awarded Yard of Week

Our estate size yard of the week is located in Hunters Creek addition at 1517 Autumn Creek. The palatial home sits on three and one half acres of a professionally landscaped oasis. Our yard of the week sets the bar high on how the landscape should be designed for larger homes in Edmond.