Beauty on Boulevard awarded Yard of Week

When driving north from 15th along Boulevard please slow down. If you don’t, you’ll miss the chance to treat your eyes and soul to a refreshing break from Edmond’s summer heat at 1904 S. Boulevard.

This week’s Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week winning garden belongs to Bob and April Pratt. Jokingly they have named their home “Rose Cottage” but it is a perfect fit for the single story house almost hidden by a garden overflowing with many varieties of plants and the entrance framed by a trellis supporting an old fashioned white rose and a golden Lady Banksiae.

The sounds of traffic are muted with a border of tall ornamental grasses and  arborvitae, while crepe myrtles, hardy hibiscus and bush roses add color to the area under a shady sweet gum. The bed continues around the edges of the lawn to the front of the house with more tall trees providing respite from the punishing summer sun. There are even a couple of seating areas so that you may admire the large variety shrubs as you relax. A long row of azalea along the fence line thrive in the shade with forsythia, flowering almond, Service Berry, Solomon’s  Seal, Houttuynia  Cordata, Shasta daisies, hydrangea, dwarf Japanese maples, shrub roses, ferns, irises, verbena, Lamb’s Ear, creeping phlox fill the long bed. The massive leaves of variegated Petisites provide cool relief with their green tones and grab your attention. 

A curving raised bed by the driveway boasts a multitude of shrubs, flowers and ground cover. The bed on the other side is rich with a redbud, cypress, mock orange, low creeping crepe myrtle, roses, spirea, cotoneaster, pink pampas grass and Emerald Gaiety euonymus.  

Pots of colorful coleus welcome you by the front door while a large flower bed to the left demands to be explored to understand why it is so lush in the full sun of an Oklahoma summer. A blooming Crossvine, trained along a brick wall, provides a backdrop to a solid canvas of Abelia, tall phlox, a Smoke Tree, hardy Hibiscus, peonies, different varieties of Rudbeckia, Stella D’oro and asters. There is the surprise of a lotus and bog reed hiding their damp environment in a pot among the other plants.

The element of surprise could be the basis of April’s garden. She makes sure there are unusual plants and something interesting happening during every season of the year. Hardscape of birdbaths and pots in stands add even more surprises to the landscape. All of this lush beauty is possible with the use of mulch and the English custom of concentrated planting leaving no room for weeds or evaporation. 

Horticulture is in April’s DNA, passed down from her grandmother and mother since her childhood. In 1990 she joined the Amaryllis Garden Club and found that acquisition of knowledge, sharing with others, experimenting and being frugal has helped her create her wonderful world of nature. April encourages those new to Oklahoma and budding gardeners to find the same kind of knowledge and support from any of the many gardening clubs that can be found through 

To recognize the Pratt’s dedication to keeping Edmond beautiful, they will receive a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a six month subscription to the Edmond Sun. Edmond Beautiful truly appreciates our sponsors, so please support them. Don’t miss out on recognizing another worthy garden for this award by calling in a nomination to the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce at 341 2808.