Bewleys named first ‘Yard of the Week’ for 2015

Posted: Monday, June 8, 2015 7:14 pm

Special to the Sun

The first 2015 winner of Yard of the Week is located at 716 Elmwood Drive and in the care of Diane and Don Bewley since 1969. For decades it was a run-of-the-mill builder’s landscape but in 2001 with hard work it starting evolving into a treat for the eyes with interesting curves of beds and stone paved paths. Not only is it filled with a variety of plants and garden hardware but also with memories of their origins.

A triangular bed introduces you to the garden with low growing pansies, blue bonnets from Austin, Texas, Dahlberg daisies, candytufts, nemesia and creeping phlox. Height and interest is added with tufts of variegated liriope. Self-seeding allows for increased color each year and for sharing.

Elegant lower branches of the yaupon lead to masses of green leaves trimmed neatly. Stella d’oro lilies at the base add color to the bed next to the house and blend in comfortably with brilliant ice plants, sedums, red verbena, white candytufts, sweeps of creeping phlox and dianthus. Paths between the flower beds invite you to follow them and discover more interesting plantings of azalea, red and white impatiens, Gerbera daisies, begonia strawberry, ‘Emerald Gaiety’ euonymus, hosta, lily of the valley, lantana, Shasta daisies, varieties of lilies, Hawaiian hollyhocks, liatris, larkspur, Mexican Red Bird of Paradise and the simple original geranium ‘Rozanne’. Tufts of little bluestem ornamental grass sway gently in the breeze here and there to add more textures. A massive Acuba japonica blends the garden into the home’s brick walls.

From the bench, in front of a shading nandina, you may take your time to visually explore the largest bed filled not only with a vast variety of plants on its sloping terrain but also memories. If you look carefully you may spot the one-horse plough that has been in the family for generations or the water cistern to remind Diane of her childhood in the country. Two rose bushes are daily reminders of a mother and grandmother; other plants bring friends to mind because of their sharing. The rocks and boulders are varied and numerous and have travelled from afar to rest comfortably in the Bewley garden, each with its own story. A smooth piece of granite, with the date “April 19 1995” engraved on it, almost hides between the flowers as a meaningful reminder of how Don is a true survivor.

Delightful wind chimes add nature’s sounds to the scene, while pots in different sizes and shapes, placed in many spots around the garden, add more color with stunning blue hydrangea, tropical hibiscus, scaevola and delicate begonias.

To thank the Bewleys for making Edmond more beautiful, they will receive a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers, a $50 gift certificate from Home Depot in Edmond and a year’s subscription to The Edmond Sun.  If you see another eye-catching front garden within the Edmond city limits please call the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce, another sponsor, at 341-2808 to make a nomination.