On Clayton Pond is ‘place of quiet, serenity’

There is nothing like the ultimate compliment of being nominated by your neighbor for Edmond Yard of the Week. We wish to extend our thanks to the Alfred and Ellen Rae Hulsey for submitting their neighbors, David and Jeanie Gallman, for recognition. As Henry Fonda would say in the movie “On Golden Pond,” it is a place of quiet and serenity. Their meticulously manicured lawn and landscape is located at 4104 Ainsely Court in the Clayton Pond addition.

They have created a quiet oasis of tranquility. Both husband and wife are accomplished Master Gardeners having attended the Oklahoma County Extension Center Master Gardening program together in 2013.  Jeanie keeps a meticulous binder of purchased plants and catalogs their performance.  She also is mentoring a neighbor’s daughter, Lexi Dubord, on the ins and outs of gardening.

The expansive lawn is a healthy green base for flowerbeds wrapping the entire perimeter of the home.  The beds are filled with pass-along hardy deep pink flocks, abundant Shasta Daisies, oak leaf hydrangeas, and periwinkles.  Bumblebees and honey bees happily feast amongst the blooms.

Purple Heart Wandering Jew, burgundy New Guinea Impatiens and Heuchera greet you at the front door. All the shrubs and hydrangeas have under plantings of perennials and annuals to cover the four seasons of the year.  The harmonious blend of pinks, purples, and reds are accentuated by pops of white and yellow provided by Shasta Daises and black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta).  

The front berm is the result of the loss of a large Bradford Pear.  Now the location is full of pink sun begonias, yellow lantana, low growing evergreens, perennial fountain grass, nandina and May Knight Salvia.  The border of the bed is red Oklahoma sandstone.  Jeanie keeps the salvia cutback during the growing season to assure continual blooms.  The Elame Dianthus which is a very old variety provides blooms in the Spring and ground cover during the rest of the year.

The use of medium size trees to frame the home is quite remarkable.  The maple with its very dark purple leaves is anchored by an under-planting of Sinonome (Toad Lilly), pass along ferns and blue hostas.  The crabapple provides beautiful Spring blooms and food for the birds in the winter.  The holly in tree form on the north side of their home is anchored with periwinkle, ferns and variegated hostas.  

Thanks to our sponsor TLC Garden Centers David and Jeanie Gallman will be able to shop even more with a $50 gift card. With a six month subscription to the Edmond Sun from our other sponsor, she will be able to keep up with our city’s news. There are only two more chances to be an Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week this year so don’t forget to call the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce at 405 341-2808 this week to nominate another deserving garden.