Eisenhauers win Yard of the Week

Carin Eisenhauer’s reason for creating this week’s Yard of the Week winner is the beauty of a garden and the color it adds to the landscape. Carin and her husband, Rob, share the work in planning and planting. Their neat garden may be found at 2541 Flint Ridge Road in the Cheyenne Crossing neighborhood.

The two-storied home sits in a sea of perfect green lawn that yields to large flowerbeds by the house.  A tall spruce at the back of one bed adds interest and contrasts with the red bricks. In Oklahoma’s summer heat the variety of greens found in neatly shaped boxwood, soft nandina and spirea appear refreshing and stand up to the high temperatures. A gaura and purple wandering jew add color. Red Knock-out roses add more color and height to the bed.

Across the path in the other bed, a low interesting Japanese maple (which has survived being broken by winter’s ice) is a contrast to the conical shaped tall holly. The barberry, boxwood and variegated euonymus add shape and color to the bed. Another purple wandering jew creates a balance between the two beds. Large native rocks and crushed pecan shell mulch complete the neat appearance of the garden.

Between the concrete path and curved stone walls, on either side, color appears with masses of white and dark pink impatiens which will grow to 12 inches tall. In front is a carpet of mondo grass.

There is an explosion of color near the front door in the two large flower pots overflowing with geranium, fern, dahlia, coleus, begonia and sweet potato vine. A wood and iron bench, to the left of the front door, blends in with the garden’s mood of harmony and the pillows echo its colors.

Edmond Beautiful and the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the Eisenhauer family for their contribution to keeping our city beautiful with a $50 gift card to TLC Garden Centers and a six month’s subscription to The Edmond Sun.

To nominate another eye-catching garden within Edmond city limits for “Yard of the Week”, please call the Chamber at 341-2808 or visit Edmondbeautiful.org.