Evans’ home awarded Yard of Week

Our estate size yard of the week is located in Hunters Creek addition at 1517 Autumn Creek. The palatial home sits on three and one half acres of a professionally landscaped oasis. Our yard of the week sets the bar high on how the landscape should be designed for larger homes in Edmond.

Multiple berms of varying size draw your eye from the south side of the home all the way around to the north facing beds. The home faces east which enables Carlos and Kristi Evans to take advantage of many types of annuals and perennials. They inherited much of the core shrubs and trees from the original owner. There have been moves, removal and replacing plant materials to satisfy their aesthetics. 

Carlos gives much credit for his discerning eye for design to working in landscape starting in middle school through his attendance at the University of Central Oklahoma and to the beauty he saw around him while working at the Chesapeake campus from 2004 through 2014.

He and Kristi personally select and plant many of the annuals that provide dramatic color and textural contrast.  We were greeted with a charming tangerine angel wing begonia in full bloom at the front door.

The bright green Margarita potato vines play beautifully against the Blue Blaze viburnum to three types of Angelonia in pink, purple and white colors. We admired three species of coleus from deep burgundy, variegated and lacey. The butterflies were dancing around the large yellow lantana plantings.  

The true show stoppers of the estate were the massive trees framing the home. The four trunk maple tree north of the front door was magnificent. Blue cedars added punctuation to several of the berms. A beautiful Deodar cedar stood beautifully on the north side of the home. Boxwoods, Arborvitae, Cypress and hollies filled in the middle layer of the landscape. Begonias, yarrow, snap dragons, lantana and variegated grasses defined the base of the landscape design.

Many colors were used in combination based on the berm in which they were planted. From gorgeous pinks, purples and whites in the berm to the left of the home to reds, yellows and oranges to the right, the color combinations played beautifully together.

Thanks to our sponsors, the winners will receive a gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun. Also, the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce is a sponsor by accepting your nominations at 405-341-2808. Make sure to submit your nominee this week.