A gardener’s love of nature provides winner in Arbor Creek

Even though the custom built Craftsman styled home of Jay and Judy Smith was built in 2011 at 609 Falling Sky Drive in Arbor Creek, it has the aura of many years of family history. There are heirloom plants and comfortable sitting nooks under the wrap around porches. Even the iron chairs on them add to that feeling.

The Smiths, born and raised Okies, have found that they had to adjust to differing gardening conditions as work moved them to various areas of Oklahoma. Judy started her horticultural education with her grandmother in Chandler and in adulthood continued it with Master Gardener classes. Since then it has been hands on experimentation with different plants and learning about their need for a particular exposure. Always there is attention to native trees and the animals and birds who shared the Smith’s corner of the world. Like most avid gardeners Judy loves to share seedlings and cuttings from her beautiful yard. 

Jay is the creator of the perfect lawns sloping up to the overflowing flower beds that Judy has filled with a great variety of plants on many different levels.

From her grandmother she learned about the cottage garden style of close planting that cuts down on evaporation and weeds while it creates a solid quilt of color. In the beds you’ll find daylilies and irises passed down through five generations. Bright periwinkles attempt to rival the equally stunning colors of miniature zinnias and marigolds throughout the bed. Boxwood and yews add lovely greens and different shapes. Blues and purples are added with salvia and scaevola. Echinacea, Zebra Grass, Cork Screw grass and roses create another level of interest with new colors and textures in the main bed. A unique weeping redbud and a glossy leafed holly add still another level as they anchor corners of the bed. If you look closely you may be surprised by the edging of strawberry plants and squash vines which give still another dimension to the garden. 

By the home’s entrance you are greeted by a trimmed Rose of Sharon laden with pure white blooms and contrasting with the colors of daylilies and mini zinnia at its feet. 

The Smiths wished to preserve as many of the native trees as they could and created a miniature woods in an area to the right of the house. To protect the tree roots on the sloping lot they built an attractive retaining wall. The native Black Jacks and Redbuds share the bed with cedars, Indian hawthorn, crepe myrtle and a young maple from an Arbor Day giveaway. Chrysanthemum, iris, roses, dahlia, periwinkle and sedum hide a multitude of Spring bulbs under the ground waiting to show off during another season. However the “Naked Lady/Surprise Lily/Belladonna Lily” is not shy and adds it pink blooms to the bed.

Throughout the garden you’ll find reminders of family trips with gathered rocks, a son’s long outgrown tricycle and replicated works of plate art. The garden becomes a fairy land at night with solar lights draped through many shrubs.   

Thanks to our sponsor TLC Garden Centers Judy will be able to shop even more with a $50 gift card. With a six-month subscription to The Edmond Sun from our other sponsor, the Smiths will be able to keep up with our city’s news. 

There are only three more chances to be an Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week this year so don’t forget to call the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 this week to nominate another deserving garden.