A home wrapped in nature’s colors

When driving around the Olde Towne addition the garden at 1532 Station St. will certainly make you pause to admire its color and structure. Mike and Kim Toney have created the final winner of this season’s Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week.

The native stone and brick Craftsman home is perfectly surrounded by long curving beds of a variety of lush plantings. Marigolds provide eye-catching color with their large golden blooms and healthy green foliage, while pure white Periwinkle peek out in between them. More color is added with deep purple Wandering Jew and red begonias. Dusty Millers add more interest with their silvery tone. Behind the abundant annuals dwarf nandinas and Indian hawthorn assure color and structure even in an Oklahoman winter. Two perfectly shaped hollies anchor the corners of the front bed.

A bed along the front path continues the white of periwinkles but adds other colors with yellow and red lantana, pink dwarf spirea, multi-colored purslane and brilliant orange crossandra. Height and interest is found in large pots overflowing with white periwinkles and light blue plumbago. 

The front bed’s color pattern is repeated in a wide flowerbed edging the inviting front porch with it swinging bench. There is the additional surprise of an elegant conifer rising above a trio of variegated Yuccas to the far right. 

All beds have been edged by the Toneys with neat native stones, providing a finished appearance to the yard. There is a sense of balance in the positioning of the flowerbeds and a unity in their color palettes. The beauty of the plantings is emphasized by the jeweled green of a perfect lawn totally cared for by Mike.

A blue vitex provides a contrast to the wooden fence at the right side of the house, while ornamental grasses are employed to hide the necessary control boxes for phone and electric lines needed for modern comfort.

In two short years Mike and Kim have achieved their goal of a landscape filled with color, variety and year-round interest.

To thank the Toney family for making Edmond beautiful they will receive a $50 gift card from our sponsor TLC Garden Centers and a six-month subscription to The Edmond Sun from our other sponsor. Appreciation is also extended to the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce for their help in recording nominations.

We hope you have gleaned ideas and information from the 14 winning gardens this year so that you can plan and then plant your winning Yard of the Week in 2018. You are invited to join Edmond Beautiful and its goal to establish, enhance and empower our city toward a better environment for all generations by visiting EdmondBeautiful.org and also “friending” us on Facebook.