Listens win Yard of the Week

Herb and Wilma Listen of 441 N. Fretz Ave. are this holiday week’s “Yard of the Week” winner. The Edmond Beautiful “YOW” committee selected them noting their well maintained and manicured lawn, beautiful flowers and yard art, which includes a special “Fourth of July” theme.  

Herb and Wilma’s acreage faces Fretz Avenue, a familiar midsection line road, west of downtown Edmond.

Herbert and Wilma bought the house from her family in 1998 and have maintained the property and gardens by adding to the “Fourth of July” theme started years earlier by her parents, Leonard and Cleo Ricker.  

The first thing you notice about their home is the flat and well maintained lawn. Their “wall-to-wall” carpet of Bermuda grass, seamlessly covers both front and back yards. In the front, the “carpet of grass” extends beyond their property to neighboring yards. Until just recently, it was Wilma who mowed the thick Bermuda green grass and Herb who kept it weed free and edged to perfection.  Today her daughter does the mowing.

Wilma and Fred ensure Old Glory flies high in the center of their yard.  Her patriotic touch can be seen on the flowers, yard art and “4th of July” displays around the porch and on the decorated antique hay wagon given to them by a neighbor.  Even Uncle Sam meets you on the porch of the Listen home.

Wilma’s favorite perennials are her mom’s crimson, pink and white peonies that bloom each spring and border the front of their home. Other perennial favorites are the iris and daylilies that border the street and the large deep red and pink blooming hardy hibiscus.

Her favorite annuals are red geraniums, zinnias and tropical hibiscus. She plants “Butterfly” pentas under her dad’s wind mill and “Redhead” coleus in the country iron kettle hanging from an old wagon wheel rim next to the flag.  

Herb has added a border near the street of cotton plants whose late summer colorful blossoms confuse the traveling public and whose white cotton balls entertain the grandchildren in the fall.  Now that is something unusual and it is a special memory for the Listen family.

With the help of our sponsors, Edmond Beautiful encourages residents to nominate neighbors whose attention and dedication in making their yards beautiful helps make our community special.  Nominations for Yard of the Week can be submitted by email to or by calling the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808.

Yard of the Week winners will receive a $50 gift certificate from TLC Garden Centers and a six month subscription to The Edmond Sun.