Planning well makes a winning Garden

No matter what size a front yard is, planning and research about plants is important if you want it to be eye-catching and the perfect setting for your home. This week’s winner for Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week can be found in the Springhill addition at 3909 Spring Hill Drive. Don and Lynda Washington came from out of state to settle there in 1992 with just a flowerbed by the front door. They have compiled folders of plant information that helped them to create a beautiful environment.

Native Oklahoma oaks provide refreshing shade for the local stone house. The Washingtons have learned to work with nature when storms destroy older trees by cultivating volunteer starts for replacement oaks. The change in sunlit areas requires an adjustment in the plantings in the beds.

The original bed to the left of the door has been cultivated into an interesting area with a tall Oak Leaf hydrangea next to a unique Harry Lauder Walking Stick Shrub that adds texture to the garden in the winter with its twisting branches. By the window a row of Red Dragon  Fleeceflowers (persicaria microcephala) are eager to show their colors. At the corner of the home a Chocolate Vine climbs a trellis. Potted purple Wandering Jew on either side of the footpath give a different tone with their color. A red Angel Wing begonia in a stand adds more color to the scene. Oklahoma rocks in the bed provide a contrast to the many varieties of hosta in the bed. An Oklahoma map is on display in the form of a rock covered in our state’s official stone – the Rose Rock.

Nandina and Oak Leaf hydrangea, along with a Weeping Yaupon Holly, provide the height for the balancing bed to the right of the front door. On the corner curve of the bed a magnificent Limelight hydrangea shows off its mid-summer blooms. Two-toned Lamium spread along the bed before they will burst into golden blooms. Ground level purple Wandering Jew add color contrast under the light green variegated privet hedge at the corner.

Two curved, large beds near the street create a natural setting under the tall trees with blooming Oak Leaf hydrangea, hellebros and some of the sixteen varieties of hosta that the Washingtons cultivate. A dwarf lace-leafed Japanese Maple is a pleasant surprise in one bed. Interest is provided by a mixture of size, shapes and shades of greens with the hosta varieties used. Wintercreep euonymus is used as a natural edging with neat trimming.   

David Washington’s well-planned work to create a luscious lawn of tall fescue is certainly evident with the beautiful green carpet in the shade and only broken by native rock stepping stones.

This week’s winner is a good example of what can be achieved with planning in a medium sized front yard. To recognize the Washington’s work in keeping Edmond Beautiful, they will receive a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a six month’s subscription to the Edmond Sun from our sponsors.

To nominate a worthy front garden for Edmond Yard of the Week please call the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce at 341 2808.