Suenrams win Yard of the Week

After being used to the openness of country living, with panoramic views of shrubs and flowers, it might be a shock to the spirit to move into a compact garden home in a city. Charles and Donna Suenram made such a move this year in January, but couldn’t be happier as they enjoy the beauty of nature around their home in Bradford Village at 1006 Jacob St.

At their new home they still can enjoy the outdoors on seating by the front door, behind the privacy of an archway (brought from the farm) overflowing with lavender-colored Hyacinth beans and with a large pot of sun impatiens and bacopa in the center. The flatness of brick and concrete, by the garage, is softened with a large pot of varied succulents.

The view from the street is a neat and pleasing perfect lawn under two medium shade trees in front of a curved swath of color punctuated by metal farm items that blend into the landscape, while adding interest. The solid green of the lawn is stopped suddenly by tall impatiens in pinks, red and white. Behind them Nandinas give us contrast and height with their light green foliage. A clump of peonies make us eager for spring so we can enjoy their beautiful delicate blooms. The glossy dark green leaves of a holly shrub, at the end of the sweep of color, accentuates nature’s rock sculpture that brings the Suenram’s country life with them to the city. There is another level of color with two tall metal shepherd hooks from which hanging pots overflow with deep purple petunias and white Nierembergia.

To thank the Suenrams for bringing beauty to their new neighborhood and Edmond, our sponsors TLC Nursery and Home Depot on Broadway will present them with a gift card and a gift certificate, while The Edmond Sun will give a six-month subscription. Edmond Beautiful and the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce also make Yard of the Week possible. Our season of showing some of the amazing gardens in Edmond will end on Labor Day, but until then you may nominate one by calling 341-2808.