Wallaces win Yard of the Week

This week’s winning yard at 1224 Devonshire has been a tradition of creating a beautiful life and soul-mate inspired flower gardens for Bob and Mary Wallace for nearly 50 years. When asked who the gardener is in the household, Bob unhesitatingly said, “It is a mutual endeavor, she buys the plants; I plant them.” As visitors approach from the driveway, a rectangular flowerbed leading to the entrance is lined with a double row of bright alternating red and white begonias, welcoming all to the Wallace home. A tasteful combination of plants and garden art pieces co-exist in this calming, symmetrical flowerbed. As one looks more closely, one notices beautiful clumps of Hostas, two “Double Feature” Crape myrtles and two pots of alternating slices of yellow and white “Lemon-Slice” millionbells basking in the morning sun.

In the back corner of the flowerbed, a birdfeeder hosts a pop of brilliant fuchsia New Guinie impatience in a pot surrounded by contrasting “Aurora Raspberry” Coleus. A yellow, bicycle garden sculpture sporting potted plants of slender leaved purple heart, rosettes of ‘Hen and Chicks’ and a rare brain cacti sits perfectly situated as the center focus of this flowerbed. A statue of St. Francis, patron saint of animals and ecology, is positioned to oversee and protect the garden and its inhabitants. Inside the flowerbed and directly forward of the front window, a brick raised flowerbed has been created and filled with “Gold-Dust” aucuba flanked by “Little Lime” hardy hydrangeas on either side. A smile comes to your face as you observe a larger-than-life garden art frog sitting by observing all nearby activity. 

Heading toward the entrance, magnificent red and white impatients fill a large open metal flower basket attached to the brick siding. A multi-colored hot air balloon “spinner” is a focal point greeting all visitors.

A side flowerbed by the home’s entrance contains a bigleaf hydrangea to which Bob faithfully applies ammonia sulfate to maintain the acidic soil that produces the blue color. With Oklahoma’s typical alkaline soil, a pinkish-blue flower peaks through, now and then, adding interest to this litmus plant. Under the front porch stoop is an off-white wooden bench that Bob built for Mary so she could sit outside on sunny mornings listening to the birds, waving to neighbors and enjoying the wonder of the area they created together.

Looking down is an attractive wire garden cart filled with Celosia in a variety of ice-cream colors of raspberry, orange, pineapple and vanilla. Height and interest is added to the front of the home by the use of two identical, monkey grass and separated in the center by a second Windsor Brick raised bed, filled with lush white and green Hosta and three “Rio” coral bells.

To thank the Wallaces for continuing to make Edmond Beautiful, they will receive a $50 gift card from TLC Nursery Centers and a years subscription to The Edmond Sun.

To nominate a beautiful yard within Edmond’s city limits, please call 341-2808. The Yard of the Week is co-sponsored by Edmond Beautiful, Inc., The Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, and TLC Nursery Centers.