Westborough’s winning yard a refreshing sight in the heat

When temperatures reach 100 and rain is just a distant memory it is a real challenge to keep our yards alive and attractive. Reenie Byrd has not only answered the challenge but has also created a treat for the eye with this week’s winning Yard of the Week at 1721 St. Christopher Dr. in the Westborough Addition.

Regular watering and the assistance of a yard service results in a healthy vivid green lawn that is in front of a large bed with a variety of interesting plants thriving under a beautiful River Birch. Different shades of refreshing green can be seen in Indian Hawthorns, Laurels, fern, Sweet Potato vines and hostas. 

Red caladium and purple Shamrock startle us with the contrast, while coleus in many different color combinations add height to the bed. Impatiens in many shades, brighten the bed’s edge. A unique Bear’s Breeches (Acanthus Mollis) demands attention with its large leaves promising a display of large flower spikes later in the season. Rocks from Tenkiller Lake and a clay Indian head statue celebrate the Byrd family’s heritage as they give interest and meaning to the landscape. Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea) acts as ground cover with the bark mulch.

Because of the removal of damaged trees, the bed to the left of the front door now is in full sun. However Reenie has it thriving by allowing Virginia Creeper to climb the whole wall behind Nandina, Autumn Joy sedum and New Guinea impatiens in the elevated bed. Moneywort provides a natural mulch for the bed. 

A Rose of Sharon to the right of the garage is beautifully shaped since Renee each year cuts it back as severely as most gardeners do their Crepe Myrtles. In its shade impatiens thrive next to variegated liriope and Creeping Phlox.

A hanging Boston fern raises the refreshing garden higher as does the Spider plant suspended from a branch of the River Birch. The heat of a concrete path is cooled with pots of calibrachoa, Devil’s Ivy, petunia and a unique single-row petal marigold. The cascade of blades of a Pampas grass hides a necessary utility structure by the street.

Plants have always interested Reenie starting with indoor ones. Since then she has educated herself by reading plant tags carefully and then experimenting with different types in her yard. Because of tree roots Reenie has discovered that the pansies planted in Autumn flourish when another layer of fresh soil is added. 

To reward Reenie’s dedication to keeping Edmond beautiful she will receive a $50 gift card from our sponsor TLC Garden Centers. She will be able to keep up with Edmond news with a six month subscription from our other sponsor, The Edmond Sun.

If you see another garden worthy of recognition please call the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 to nominate it. Don’t forget to visit Edmond Beautiful’s page on Facebook to see what makes our city beautiful.