Wilson wins Yard of the Week

To visit this week’s winner for Edmond Yard of the Week, created by Schroeder Wilson at 1005 Janna’s Trail in the Trails Addition, is to enter a world of wonder, learning and sharing. At first many of the plants look familiar, but on closer examination the differences in leaf coloring, blossom and plant size from every day specimens you are familiar with, will show the need for a guide through this wonderland of nature.

Shady areas under trees are always a challenge to have anything more than a boring layer of ground cover. However, Schroeder has found the secret under the Jujube tree with the great variety of textures and colors that include Cutleaf tanzy, Black Pearl peppers, dusty grey-green Iris spears, mallow, red salvia, coreopsis and sunshine capturing melapodium. The Jujube tree with its ancient and interesting history is loaded with apple tasting small fruits that will change with the seasons from light green to rich reds. Even the brick mailbox area has color with light blue plumbago and a compact purple sweet potato vine with a unique leaf shape.

On approaching the house, be prepared to be overwhelmed with the variety of plants sweeping across the landscape and invited into the neighboring yards. There is height added to the overflowing beds with two colorful crepe myrtles and a tulip magnolia above the next level of orange cannas, giant elephant ears, tall celosia, morning glory bush, desert bird of paradise and a towering amaranth. Your eye will be drawn to the Malabar spinach that trails over and hides its pot with interesting glossy, dark green leaves on purple stems interspersed with small pink flowers on the tips. Lower levels are solid with mini zinnia hybrids, lantana and fascinating Leopard plant leaves. Amsonia hibrichtii is testing Oklahoma growing conditions in a pot before it will display its powdery blue blooms.

In appreciation of Schroeder Wilson making Edmond more beautiful, she will receive a gift certificate from Home Depot on Broadway, a gift card from TLC Nursery and a six-month subscription to The Edmond Sun. Edmond Beautiful and the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce also are sponsors in recognizing our citizens’ horticultural work until Labor Day.