Woods win Yard of the Week

Brian and Lori Wood own this week’s winning yard at 2405 Windmere, in Edmond’s Huntwick addition. They have recently updated their yard to create a beautiful yet practical landscaped space for a young and active family. When told they had been nominated and were the winner of this week’s Yard of the Week, Lori laughed and said, “Brian will be very happy to hear that because we have recently completed having our yard professionally landscaped.”

Approaching the home from the street, the west side yard introduces you to the first of three flowerbeds, all neatly defined by rectangular cut flagstone edging. White coneflowers, Japanese sedge and the first of five mossy boulders announce the presence of native post oaks and an understory dogwood tree that share the flowerbed and provide afternoon shade to the front of the home. As your eyes adjust to the dappled shade, pink begonia, lime and burgundy choral bells, two varieties of hosta and several more boulders, attractively placed as nature’s accent pieces, come into view.  Empty spaces are pleasingly filled in with more sedge grass, variegated boxwood, golden barberry and nandina. At the end of this flowerbed an exclamation mark of sedge grass, a small boulder and a pink azalea complete this flowerbed.  

The second flowerbed appears as you approach the circular red brick steps leading to the front door where twin Sky Rocket Holly shrubs welcome you, as doormen, into the home.  As you gaze left toward the garage, another pink azalea in a triangular pattern with sedge grass and a moss-covered boulder greet your senses.  To the left center of the front picture window, a globe shaped blue spruce stands watch over the waving leaves of a pink and green caladium and pink begonias, repeating the colors of the former bed.  A whimsical “W” metal garden ornament is placed to the side of the window and behind the azalea.  Wandering toward the garage, a very large mossy boulder surprisingly comes into view with three lime green hosta, sedge grass and nandina, capturing one of the principal guidelines of landscaping ~ having the unexpected appear as you continue to walk a garden path. In the back shaded corner of this bed, shade-loving aucuba rest comfortably, while Shasta daisy, rudebeckia and a pink drift rose take the forward stance in the sun nearest the driveway.

The third flowerbed, beginning at the base of the circular red brick steps, receives full sun and accordingly contains plantings that tolerate Oklahoma’s hot afternoon sun. Gaillardia, also known as blanket flower, with its daisy-like flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow add sizzle to the introduction of this bed, while companion plants of golden barberry and sedge grass fill in space and add texture and color.  As you wander toward the far edge of the home, a large evergreen English laurel rests in a shaded corner accompanied by sedge grass, begonia and three chartreus spirea shrubs.  A 20-foot Blue Atlas adds height and balance to this beautifully landscaped yard.  A “Home of a Northern Hills Husky Pup” conveys the presence of youngsters that also enjoy this space!

To thank Brian and Lori Wood for helping to make Edmond more beautiful, they will receive a $50 gift card from TLC Nursery Centers and a six-month subscription to The Edmond Sun.  Other sponsors of Yard of the Week include Edmond Beautiful and the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. To nominate a beautiful yard within Edmond’s city limits, please call 341-2808.