Yard of the Week

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Edmond Beautiful, Inc., the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, Home Depot in Edmond and TLC Garden Centers co-sponsor the “Yard of the Week” contest to encourage residents who enjoy “yardening,” a term coined by Jeff and Liz Ball in their book, Yardening, (1991), to make their landscaping more attractive and to recognize some of those who do. Residents may nominate their own yards or those of others who live within the Edmond city limits, not the Edmond School District which is different. A yard can win only once each year, but nominated yards remain in consideration all summer.

Each week, members of Edmond Beautiful, Inc., judge nominated yards on the basis of landscape design, overall appearance, use of color and effort required. Only yards visible from city streets are eligible. Equal consideration is given to all nominated yards, whether professionally landscaped and maintained, rural estate or attractively designed and well-kept small yards in more mature neighborhoods.

A “Yard of the Week” sign is placed in the winning yard and a photograph of the award recipient and prize-winning yard is featured in the The Edmond Sun. Also, winners receive $50 worth of store merchandise from Edmond Home Depot, a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun for one year.

So keep a sharp lookout for the most beautiful and well-kept yards. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and call the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 or click here to contact us by email to nominate a deserving yard. Each nomination should include street address, housing addition and nominated resident's name and telephone number if known. Let's give recognition to those that truly make Edmond Beautiful.

Let's all make this program a big success and recognize those residents that help make Edmond Beautiful.

McDonald’s, Kelley’s homes earn Yard of the Week

Week number four’s winner of the Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week is a unique two yards recipient. Both yards are lovingly cared for by Farris and Darla McDonald. The homes are side-by-side in the Park Lane Estates housing addition. The addresses are 1113 and 1117 Blue Ridge Drive, Edmond.

The driveway corners are marked with OU red and white lettering. His grandson plays football for OU. The second home is owned by Margaret Kelley, Darla’s mother.  

Baumans earn Yard of the Week

As we drove through Belmont Farms we quickly spied what would become our Yard of the Week #3. The lovingly landscaped yard is located at 4716 Crusader Avenue.  The homeowners, Lynn and Jane Bauman, started in 2011 with a blank slate when they began their gardening adventure in Oklahoma.  As Ohio (the other O State) transplants, they were shocked at the challenges they faced in gardening.  

Vince, Patti Orza earn Yard of Week

The 2017 season for Edmond Beautiful Yard of the Week begins with a pleasing combination of native Oklahoma and European cultivars in the front garden of Vince and Patti Orza at 2001 Cambridge in Thornebrooke.

Bukshes win Yard of the Week

 The last winning garden for the 2016 season of Yard of the Week can be found in Pebble Creek at 1401 Simon Ave. and created by Sharique and Tammy Buksh. Remembering his childhood in Pakistan with its British colonial history, Sharique wanted to have an English styled cottage garden in the front yard, overflowing with color and a variety of plants.

Gleasons win Yard of the Week

‘A bird, butterfly and bee banquet’ is the perfect description for plantings utilized in this Yard of the Week winner owned by Valerie and Dennis Gleason at 1321 Fox Lake Lane.

Bennifield wins Yard of the Weeks

This week’s Yard of the Week winner is Edward Bennifield at 3009 Firewheel in the Hidden Prairie addition. His property creates a refreshing spot in our city.

Chaneys win Yard of the Week

This week’s winner for Yard of the Week can be found in the Fairway Estates at 2401 Augusta Ave. and belongs to Mike and Ruby Chaney. A manicured sea of emerald green lawn rises up from the street of this lovely home unfolding out from behind the brick mailbox planted with rose pink pentas and soft pink scaevola.

Caplingers win Yard of the Week

Tiffany and Chris Caplinger are this week’s Edmond Yard of the Week winners. They reside at 531 Benton Road in the Clegern Addition, one of Edmond’s older neighborhoods established in the 1950s.

Weavers win Yard of the Week

Edmond Beautiful selected a home on a corner lot in Oaktree Park as this week’s Yard of the Week winner. William and Leslie Weaver and son Ethan live at 4718 Branson Valley Court. The couple are both busy young professionals and enjoy yard work, which helps them unwind from their active careers. Their son Ethan also helps occasionally.  

Pedersons win Yard of the Week

This week’s Edmond Beautiful pick for Yard of the Week is in Hampton Hollow. The new neighborhood is located east of I-35 near Covell and Air Depot. Paul and Margaret Pedersen, who live at 5809 Great Hampden Road, moved to Edmond from Luther six years ago to downsize from a larger property.