Yard of the Week

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Edmond Beautiful, Inc., the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, Home Depot in Edmond and TLC Garden Centers co-sponsor the “Yard of the Week” contest to encourage residents who enjoy “yardening,” a term coined by Jeff and Liz Ball in their book, Yardening, (1991), to make their landscaping more attractive and to recognize some of those who do. Residents may nominate their own yards or those of others who live within the Edmond city limits, not the Edmond School District which is different. A yard can win only once each year, but nominated yards remain in consideration all summer.

Each week, members of Edmond Beautiful, Inc., judge nominated yards on the basis of landscape design, overall appearance, use of color and effort required. Only yards visible from city streets are eligible. Equal consideration is given to all nominated yards, whether professionally landscaped and maintained, rural estate or attractively designed and well-kept small yards in more mature neighborhoods.

A “Yard of the Week” sign is placed in the winning yard and a photograph of the award recipient and prize-winning yard is featured in the The Edmond Sun. Also, winners receive $50 worth of store merchandise from Edmond Home Depot, a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun for one year.

So keep a sharp lookout for the most beautiful and well-kept yards. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and call the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 or click here to contact us by email to nominate a deserving yard. Each nomination should include street address, housing addition and nominated resident's name and telephone number if known. Let's give recognition to those that truly make Edmond Beautiful.

Let's all make this program a big success and recognize those residents that help make Edmond Beautiful.

Capucilles win Yard of the Week

If you happen to be on the Leaves of Grass Lane cul- de- sac in Arbor Creek you will certainly pause to look at this week’s Yard of the Week winner at 3404. Tom and Sonja Capucille in five years have created a relaxing and beautiful setting with a goal of having color and to be in harmony with nature.

Griswolds win Yard of the Week

This week’s winning yard belongs to Ben and Anne Griswold and can be found at 1216 Devonshire Court.

Wilson's yard yields curb appeal

Long splashes of neon pink, magenta and orange will introduce you to this week’s Yard of the Week winner at 2608 Rising Star Lane in the Faircloud addition. Homeowner Keith Wilson’s goal was to have color and a variety of shapes and textures in his front yard.

Cholmia family wins first Yard of the Week for 2016

‘A shady paradise’ is the perfect description for the first Yard of the Week for 2016.  Located at 800 Timber Ridge, this 1/2 acre lot is located on what was known as the “… original post oak forest” according to Brian.

Hancuffs win Yard of the Week

The final Yard of the Week for the 2015 season is a cheerful, eye-catching corner yard belonging to Carl and Mitzi Hancuff located at 2101 Timberdale Terrace. Carl’s first experience in gardening started when his mother gave him a small plot of ground, defined the perimeter with sticks and twine and handed him some nasturtium seeds to “plant and tend.” Carl recalled the joy that filled him when he first saw the tiny plants that emerged from the soil.

McDonalds win Yard of the Week

This week’s winning Yard of the Week is owned by Darla and Farris McDonald and can be found at 1113 Blue Ridge in the Park Lane Estates Addition. Interest in gardening began for Farris while learning how to plant and maintain a lawn in his first home. His bride wanted the back yard of their first home transformed from an empty space of dirt and weeds into a lawn. From grass, his passion turned to creating flowerbeds filled with various kinds of flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

Boswells win Yard of the Week

 This week’s winner for Yard of the Week can be found in the Arrowhead Valley addition at 3916 Anadarko and belongs to John and Lisa Boswell. An emerald green lawn rises up from the street to this lovely home nestled in flowerbeds. Lisa has brought her philosophy from teaching elementary school to her garden. She loves to start with small creations and then nurture them attentively till they flourish to their full potential.

Clifts win Yard of the Week

Stress reduction is the reason for the newest winner in Yard of the Week. When you let your eye drift over the large front garden belonging to Mark and Darci Clift at 2724 Woodland Creek Drive in Autumn Ridge, you also will feel your stress disappear with the beautiful display.

Starks win Yard of the Week

 This week’s winning garden for Yard of the Week belongs to Tom and Nancy Stark and can be found in the Homestead addition at 1812 Natchez Road. Nancy’s goal is to have a garden that looks good and compliments the house. It certainly is achieved with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers that paint a beautiful picture in white, lavenders and pinks.

Knarr wins Yard of the Week

If you ask this week’s “Yard of the Week” winner Patricia Knarr why she likes to garden at 3025 Trailhead Drive in the Centennial Addition, the answer is a simple one — Patricia receives great enjoyment from watching plants grow and flourish.

  This is very evident with the magnificent display of wave and regular petunia throughout her garden.