Yard of the Week

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Edmond Beautiful, Inc., the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, Home Depot in Edmond and TLC Garden Centers co-sponsor the “Yard of the Week” contest to encourage residents who enjoy “yardening,” a term coined by Jeff and Liz Ball in their book, Yardening, (1991), to make their landscaping more attractive and to recognize some of those who do. Residents may nominate their own yards or those of others who live within the Edmond city limits, not the Edmond School District which is different. A yard can win only once each year, but nominated yards remain in consideration all summer.

Each week, members of Edmond Beautiful, Inc., judge nominated yards on the basis of landscape design, overall appearance, use of color and effort required. Only yards visible from city streets are eligible. Equal consideration is given to all nominated yards, whether professionally landscaped and maintained, rural estate or attractively designed and well-kept small yards in more mature neighborhoods.

A “Yard of the Week” sign is placed in the winning yard and a photograph of the award recipient and prize-winning yard is featured in the The Edmond Sun. Also, winners receive $50 worth of store merchandise from Edmond Home Depot, a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun for one year.

So keep a sharp lookout for the most beautiful and well-kept yards. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and call the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 or click here to contact us by email to nominate a deserving yard. Each nomination should include street address, housing addition and nominated resident's name and telephone number if known. Let's give recognition to those that truly make Edmond Beautiful.

Let's all make this program a big success and recognize those residents that help make Edmond Beautiful.

Woods win Yard of the Week

Brian and Lori Wood own this week’s winning yard at 2405 Windmere, in Edmond’s Huntwick addition. They have recently updated their yard to create a beautiful yet practical landscaped space for a young and active family. When told they had been nominated and were the winner of this week’s Yard of the Week, Lori laughed and said, “Brian will be very happy to hear that because we have recently completed having our yard professionally landscaped.”

Lewises win Yard of the Week

A love of flowers and gardening is certainly evident in this week’s winner of “Yard of the Week” at 2013 Morningstar Drive, owned by Wayne and Billie Lewis.

  Two beds set in the well-kept lawn and encircling medium sized trees, introduce the garden with patriotic red, white and blue of salvia, begonia and ageratum. A tropical red mandevilla sends its beautiful blooms up a trellis resting against the tree.

Eisenhauers win Yard of the Week

Carin Eisenhauer’s reason for creating this week’s Yard of the Week winner is the beauty of a garden and the color it adds to the landscape. Carin and her husband, Rob, share the work in planning and planting. Their neat garden may be found at 2541 Flint Ridge Road in the Cheyenne Crossing neighborhood.

Listens win Yard of the Week

Herb and Wilma Listen of 441 N. Fretz Ave. are this holiday week’s “Yard of the Week” winner. The Edmond Beautiful “YOW” committee selected them noting their well maintained and manicured lawn, beautiful flowers and yard art, which includes a special “Fourth of July” theme.  

Herb and Wilma’s acreage faces Fretz Avenue, a familiar midsection line road, west of downtown Edmond.

Wallaces win Yard of the Week

This week’s winning yard at 1224 Devonshire has been a tradition of creating a beautiful life and soul-mate inspired flower gardens for Bob and Mary Wallace for nearly 50 years. When asked who the gardener is in the household, Bob unhesitatingly said, “It is a mutual endeavor, she buys the plants; I plant them.” As visitors approach from the driveway, a rectangular flowerbed leading to the entrance is lined with a double row of bright alternating red and white begonias, welcoming all to the Wallace home.

Passermans win Yard of the Week

Relaxation is the reason that Dennis Passerman tends to his family’s garden at 3508 Rena Dawn Lane in Tall Oaks.

Bewleys named first ‘Yard of the Week’ for 2015

Posted: Monday, June 8, 2015 7:14 pm

Special to the Sun

The first 2015 winner of Yard of the Week is located at 716 Elmwood Drive and in the care of Diane and Don Bewley since 1969. For decades it was a run-of-the-mill builder’s landscape but in 2001 with hard work it starting evolving into a treat for the eyes with interesting curves of beds and stone paved paths. Not only is it filled with a variety of plants and garden hardware but also with memories of their origins.

Husman wins Yard of the Week

The final winner for Edmond Yard of the Week is unique in the fact that a passer-by will be some distance from the home occupying a 5-acre area and be treated to a wonderful display just along the property’s edges.

Wilson wins Yard of the Week

To visit this week’s winner for Edmond Yard of the Week, created by Schroeder Wilson at 1005 Janna’s Trail in the Trails Addition, is to enter a world of wonder, learning and sharing. At first many of the plants look familiar, but on closer examination the differences in leaf coloring, blossom and plant size from every day specimens you are familiar with, will show the need for a guide through this wonderland of nature.

Suenrams win Yard of the Week

After being used to the openness of country living, with panoramic views of shrubs and flowers, it might be a shock to the spirit to move into a compact garden home in a city. Charles and Donna Suenram made such a move this year in January, but couldn’t be happier as they enjoy the beauty of nature around their home in Bradford Village at 1006 Jacob St.