Yard of the Week

Each summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Edmond Beautiful, Inc., the Edmond Chamber of Commerce, The Edmond Sun, Home Depot in Edmond and TLC Garden Centers co-sponsor the “Yard of the Week” contest to encourage residents who enjoy “yardening,” a term coined by Jeff and Liz Ball in their book, Yardening, (1991), to make their landscaping more attractive and to recognize some of those who do. Residents may nominate their own yards or those of others who live within the Edmond city limits, not the Edmond School District which is different. A yard can win only once each year, but nominated yards remain in consideration all summer.

Each week, members of Edmond Beautiful, Inc., judge nominated yards on the basis of landscape design, overall appearance, use of color and effort required. Only yards visible from city streets are eligible. Equal consideration is given to all nominated yards, whether professionally landscaped and maintained, rural estate or attractively designed and well-kept small yards in more mature neighborhoods.

A “Yard of the Week” sign is placed in the winning yard and a photograph of the award recipient and prize-winning yard is featured in the The Edmond Sun. Also, winners receive $50 worth of store merchandise from Edmond Home Depot, a $50 gift card from TLC Garden Centers and a subscription to The Edmond Sun for one year.

So keep a sharp lookout for the most beautiful and well-kept yards. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and call the Edmond Chamber of Commerce at 341-2808 or click here to contact us by email to nominate a deserving yard. Each nomination should include street address, housing addition and nominated resident's name and telephone number if known. Let's give recognition to those that truly make Edmond Beautiful.

Let's all make this program a big success and recognize those residents that help make Edmond Beautiful.

Rennixes in Trails North win final Yard of the Week for 2013

George and Suzanne Rennix, 2717 Julies Trail, Trails North Addition are this week’s Yard of the Week winner. This dazzlingly colorful yard which was designed and maintained by Suzanne, who is a “Master Gardner,” has put her knowledge and skills to work highlighting her yard with effective use of crotons in the right places. Featured trees and shrubs are an unusual desert willow, bird of paradise, Carolina buckthorn, river birches, Japanese Maples, globe spruce, leather leaf mahonias and caress mahonias.

Billmans in Covell Village win Yard of the Week

Kendall and Jennifer Billman, 1324 Glen Cove Drive, Covell Village Addition are this week’s Yard of the Week winner. A delightful combination of colors highlight this very pleasing yard with their black-eyed susans, blue hydrangeas, gaillardia, red dahlias and gregi salvias. Featured trees and shrubs in this charming yard are Japanese red maples, flowering ornamental peach, lacebark elms, Chinese Pistache, blue atlas cedars, little gem magnolia, nandinas, Japanese yews and Edwin Goucher abelias.

Riggs in Hunters Creek win Yard of the Week

Riley and Tisa Riggs, 1317 Autumn Creek Drive, Hunter’s Creek Addition is this week’s Yard of the Week winner.
Large clusters of bright purple Homestead verbena and bright orange black-eyed Susans provide an interesting focal point for this large corner magnificent yard.  This artistically designed yard was skillfully designed and is maintained by Riley and Lisa. Featured trees and shrubs in this impressive yard are deodard cedars, native oaks, blue atlas cedars, assorted green junipers, Nellie R Stevens hollies, nandinas and very colorful red knock-out roses.

Wilsons in Trails North wins Yard of the Week

Weldon and Schroeder Wilson, 1005 Janna’s Trial in the Trails North addition, are this week’s Edmond Yard of the Week winners. Schroeder is a longtime Master Gardner that tests out rare and unusual new flowers to see how they produce in her radiant garden before recommending them to others. Her showplace yard has a large number of rare and unusual flowers and plant material that are rarely seen in Oklahoma such as a contorted JuJu Bean tree, red Fireman’s helmet, Walla Malla rhubarb, pink fireworks, Mani hot tapico and John Fanick Phlox.

Gayla Ward in Trails South wins Yard of the Week

Gayla Ward, 401 Little Chisholm Circle, Trails South addition is this week’s Yard of the Week winner. A very pleasing blend of colors and textures best describes this neatly manicured yard that will catch your eye as you drive down her street. Featured trees and shrubs in this yard are a beautifully shaped Shantung maple, Japanese red maple, blue atlas cedar, yopon hollies, magic carpet spiraea and crimson pygmy barberry's. Gayla’s colorful beds contain assorted coleus, elephant ears, assorted caladiums, coleus, rose moss, assorted zinnias and petunias.

Airingtons in Renaissance at Oak Tree Park win Yard of the Week

Larry and Susan Airington, 916 Spring Manor Drive in the Renaissance at Oak Tree Park Addition, are this week’s Edmond Yard of the Week winners. This large yard has some of the most effective use of sun-loving plants and flowers with clusters of red geraniums, bright yellow hibiscus and purple homestead verbena highlighting this colorful yard.

Mills family in Homestead Addition wins Yard of the Week

Jim and Megan Mills, 1717 Natchez Road, Homestead Addition are this week’s Yard of the Week winners. This bright, dark green, well-manicured lawn that looks like a putting green with a very shapely October glory red maple tree with a colorful bed of orange, yellow and white purslane around it will draw your attention to this bright yard. This impressive yard was designed by and is maintained by Jim, Megan and their daughter and son — a true family project. Featured shrubs in this pleasing yard are crimson pygmy barberrys, nandinas, magic carpet spirea, mugo pines and hollies.

Bargers in Rolling Creek win Yard of the Week

Nick and Laurie Barger, 2004 Rolling Creek Road in the Rolling Creek Addition, are this week’s Yard of the Week winners. This spectacular colorful yard is a must see yard for the avid gardners of Edmond with more than 400 varieties of day lilies and hundreds of perennials in full bloom. The Bargers welcome visitors to drop by and see their flowers. All of their day lilies and other flowers are marked with the proper name and variety indicated, which is a sign of a dedicated gardner.

Wintz family earns Yard of the Week honor

Billy and Cynthia Wintz, 149 Amberwood Road, in the Coffee Creek Addition, are the first Yard of the Week winners for 2013. This large, aesthetically pleasing corner yard with blending colors and textures of both annual and perennials flowers will brighten your day as your drive by their home.
This colorful yard was designed and is maintained by Billy and Cynthia. Featured trees in their yard are a Chinese Pistashe, Shumardi Oak and a Ragatly Crabapple.

McElvanys win final Yard of the Week

W.L. and Betty McElvany, 13837 Hollow Glenn Road in the Oak Hollow addition, are this week’s Yard of the Week winners.

This very pleasing and colorful garden home yard with a bright green bermuda lawn will catch your eye driving down their street. Featured trees and shrubs in this impressive small yard are Japanese red maples, bright red crape myrtles, mugo pines, Nellie R Stevens hollies and firepower nandinas.